The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Hilarious and dizzyingly fun but oh my god the constant sense of dread I felt throughout this was unbearable. The end was very upsetting and I loved every second of it.

Coleman, Stone, and Weisz are absolutely phenomenal, if I could give all three oscars I would. Hoult was also a really pleasant surprise and was also veeery slimy in his role as Harley. Horatio the fastest duck was the only character who remained good throughout I swear to god.

There were some neat set designs and shots, although the use of fish eye lenses took me out a bit as I'm just so used to seeing them in skate videos. Still this was really good, could occasionally be a bit slow but my god the power plays on display here were phenomenal. Can't believe a film this raunchy was on disney plus.

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