• Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League



    The Snyder Cut was fine. A huge improvement over the original? Absolutely. Still trying to do the work of four separate movies? Yep.

    The DCEU simply wasn’t ready for the Justice League, and no amount of editing and reshoots can change that – half of the members hadn’t even been introduced prior to this movie, which was always going to be a problem. Snyder’s four-hour cut certainly does more to establish these characters than the 2017 version did, but…

  • It



    Finally got a chance to catch last year’s adaptation of It. What a great time — the whole cast does a great job (though a few of them didn’t have quite enough to do), and the pacing did a great job of building tension. I can’t wait for Chapter Two next year.

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    I was pretty worried that this movie would turn out to be a complete mess. As much as I was excited for the spectacle, I couldn’t see how Marvel would possibly juggle so many leading characters without turning the whole thing into a disorienting mess. I’m so happy to be wrong.

    This movie deftly handles its approximately 37,000 characters, making some really smart choices about who to pair up with who. Rather than jumping back and forth between different characters…

  • Pitch Perfect 3

    Pitch Perfect 3


    I was pleasantly surprised by the first Pitch Perfect, which makes this franchise’s steep decline all the more of a bummer. This movie begins with a stark reality check, with all of our characters out of college and leading fairly disappointing lives. I’d have loved to see the movie embrace this a bit more — leaning in to the idea that nobody in the real world cares about your college a cappella group’s glory days, while not groundbreaking stuff, could…