Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★★

I have now seen this film twice and I finally figured out what feels so off about this film.... it is not a film!
Crazy I know but hear me out. This 'film' has no three act narrative, it has no character development, its one big fight. The 'film' itself, is a third act finale of all the build up films before. This makes judging the film problematic.
Don't get me wrong I love the film but it feels more like a fan mad cluster of everything fans want to see in 2 hours and half with no exposition, build up or filler. Take Civil War for example, not everyone's favourite but in terms of narrative, story telling and character arcs, its one of the best. The threat is shown at the start and the end has a conclusion. Here, the threat was introduced six years ago and with part two on the way, it doesn't have an conclusion either.
However, what it does it does really well. The action is never boring, the CGI is amazing and the comedy still stands up despite the dark tone in the film. I think they did the best at making the film a film, with what they could. I do love that this was made though, to see all films come other in such fashion is amazing, its just hard to treat it the same way you would treat another Marvel film.
I guess the only approach you could see the film as being a film is with Thanos being the protagonist. You see his motives throughout, he grows as a character and in the end (Spoiler)....... he wins.
Having said all this, as a fanboy it is definitely my favourite marvel film to date and i will be watching this thirty more times. If you enjoy Marvel this is a must watch, if you don't, this really isn't the film for you.
Roll on Avengers 4