The Color of Money

The Color of Money ★★★★★

Terrific. Sinks every single 9-ball shot it takes. Played me perfectly, I don’t even mind being hustled when it feels this good. Scorsese has a fundamentally different understanding of the pool hall space, and the gameplay pace and it’s electric. 
Loved that this was about Paul Newman passing the hustler baton to both a player and a manager at the same time, he has so much wisdom to give, and so much kindness. This is an exceptionally nice movie, and in that way it feels like a total reinterpretation of The Hustler’s detached malaise. It’s about connection. It’s not about racing towards the end, it’s about finding what makes you live for the now. It’s hard to be old. It’s hard to be a dad. It’s hard to be friends. It’s NOT hard to be Tom Cruise though. 
Very funny to me how much this can be boiled down to: Paul Newman learns he needs glasses.
Like top 3 Scorsese for me now

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