Punch-Drunk Love

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This review may contain spoilers.

I’d only seen the Sandman doing proper acting in Uncut Gems before this; and this film just proves he has decided to take the funniest path by squandering his unbelievable acting talent to instead make millions doing the worst comedies with his boys.

The Sandman’s Barry Egan is a super awkward dude who sells joke toilet plungers(?) and his bitch sisters keep abusing him and keeping him down. Then a nice lady decides he is handsome and they fall in love, but only after Philip Seymour Hoffman starts extorting him after a lonely Barry phones his sham phone sex line for someone to talk to. Barry’s heart gets so full from being loved after years of feeling alone that he manages to single-handedly kick fuck out of an entire pack of goons in order to protect his lady so he can live his happily ever after.

The first half of this film is really disorienting to watch (probs to show how alienated Barry feels) then it grows into a more traditional rom-com vibe. Sandler really sells Barry coming into his own and learning how to not be ragdolled by everyone in his life. Philip Seymour Hoffman (God rest his soul) gets like three scenes but puts in an excellent hands-on-the-hips shift and delivers an all time ‘shut the fuck up’. At the end Barry shows him up to be a little bitch.

Overall, a really wholesome film about a weird dude who just wants to protect his lady.