Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Melancholic. Inside Llewyn Davis is a saddening movie about an artists journey of coming into his own while constantly being shit upon. It's depressing nature is even it's color palette, as it's mostly just grey. But as the Coen brothers have mastered perfectly, this movie has a lot of dark comedy that's perfectly woven into it's depressing storyline. It's somewhat similar to Barton Fink, but it's also quite different. Both portray a struggle an artist must go through and both have similar endings that leave you bummed out. But Inside Llewyn Davis shows a different struggle. When an artist has to go on his own to survive in his profession while also dealing with the people around him...also a cat!

This was the movie that made me a fan of Oscar Isaac and made me look forward to his career growing. And this performance is truly amazing. Isaac completely transforms into the character of Llewyn Davis. But like every Coens film, every character and every performance is interesting. Also, what I found interesting on my rewatch is how exhausting this movie sometimes can be. And there's barely a plot. But I believe that's intentional. It's just a day into the life of Llewyn Davis. Getting nowhere.

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