Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★½

Finally got around to reviewing this, now that I finished my MCU rewatch marathon. Ready Player One is the return of what Spielberg does best and that is making exciting blockbusters. And Ready Player One is basically a movie where it's whole identity is Pop Culture. This film feels like one of the many classics by Spielberg, so it's not just a callback to a lot of pop culture, but also a callback to classic Spielberg.

Going in, I was skeptical on how they were gonna balance an actual story with characters and pop culture references because those usually tend to feel awkward and now you have a whole movie of that. I will say that in those first 20 minutes, it actually felt like a mess. It poorly introduced it's world and it just go worse with the pop culture references. But as it went on, it actually grew on me. And it actually started introducing some interesting characters. The story is what I expected and the characters aren't the best, but I don't think it has to be. It has to be recognizable and it just has to do a well enough job at both those things.

Ready Player One establishes a connection with the audience because of it's pop culture and it delivers on some thoughtful commentary. Plus, those action scenes are incredible. As someone who does love pop culture, it's exciting seeing all these characters from different franchises in action scenes together. I know some people might dislike this movie and I almost did, but it won me over.

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