The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid ★★★

Steve McQueen is always cool and he doesn't let that presence fly by in this movie. Even when he is not given much he still manages to be the actor this film needs to be. 

Edward G Robinson is best as the villain and in this movie he is his most subtle and yet his most sinister. He holds back the most boisterous reactions through mere expressions that provide just as much of a chill. 

Karl Malden holds the spirit directly in between these two figures of good and evil caught in the middle and holding a tragic conflict that Malden has always been known to show so well. 

This movie is unfortunately just far too boring and moves incredibly slow. The characters all have flimsy morals which can make for drama but it in this case ends up not working at all 

This main character is trying to be as controversial as someone like James Caan in The Gambler but he never really hits that edge and then instead ends up being just too unlikable for the protagonist.

This movie does shadow over its characters an interesting exploration of sexual impulses and politics that were fascinating at their beginning but then ended up going nowhere.

The look of this film is flat out beautiful. The lighting throughout every intense scene along with the visuals provided from magnetic cinematography from start to finish. 

The final moment of this movie is the big game show down and none of it felt like it was the high stakes even though it should be considering the events that try to stack up to it, and they are few and far in between. This is considered a classic and it rightfully is for some of its scenes, but upon re-visitation this is one didn't really connect from scene to scene.