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  • Heliography
  • The Poem of Hayachine Valley
  • Expedition Content
  • Atman

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  • Skate Witches

  • The New Morning of Billy the Kid

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  • Night Passage

    Night Passage

    some passages (pun intended) are great, though in its entirety I don't know if the movie really works...
    weirdly enough, it reminded me of Sun Ra's movies/performances...

    that being said, Trinh T. Minh-ha is one of the greatest artists/theorists of our time. respect.

  • Radio City Fantasy

    Radio City Fantasy


    wildly imaginative
    like a concept album in the shape of an animation, like an animated musical, like a long video clip...
    everything is on the surface, everything is in the style...
    and I love it

Popular reviews

  • Lupin III: The First

    Lupin III: The First


    The plot is thin and predictable (Indy Jones-like) but the spirit is very faithful to the original series, and surprisingly the CG works well, besides some stiffness in some of the characters. The gags, the funny parts, and the characterization (especially Letitia) were the highlights for me. The music and the action scenes were also positive. A decent film and a fun ride, particularly if you’re a fan.

  • Fires on the Plain

    Fires on the Plain


    Hey stupid reviewers out there, it's not a remake of Ichikawa's movie, but a reinterpretation of the novel, understood?