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  • Jūdai no yūwaku

    Jūdai no yūwaku


    4th and last installment of the Jūdai series, released on December 29th 1953.
    The story is predictable, but the tension is well built and the characters are likeable and believable, nice performance by Wakao Ayako and I particularly liked Aoyama Kyōko in the role of a naughty and irresponsible wanna-be writer.

    Part of my personal Wakao Ayako film festival

  • 北の国から'89帰郷



    This is all over the place, literally and figuratively, part of it takes place in Tokyo and part in Furano. 
    Very uneven movie, but there are some really powerful and touching scenes. The movie opens and closes with a long take of a drunk Gorō (Tanaka Kunie) at a nomiya reflecting on his life now that his kids are away. Very moving. Tanaka is always good, but from this entry Gorō has more goofy moments and becomes more of a…

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  • Family Romance, LLC

    Family Romance, LLC


    I like Herzog, but this was painful to watch for me. 
    I don’t want to be that guy, but if you understand Japanese, you can realise how contrived the performances are...even for a mockumentary sort of film...the idea behind the project is nice (exploring the boundary between fiction/reality, the real effects/affects of fake), but the result is not. 
    The 17 year-old-me living in Italy would have liked this movie, but the 44 y.o. me living in Japan just can’t stand it. Sorry Werner. 

    The Q&A after the movie on Mubi was much better than the movie itself.

  • Weathering with You

    Weathering with You


    It feels weird to see and review 天気の子 Weathering with You the day after the horrible tragedy at the Kyoto Animation Studio, but anyway. 
    it’s definitely an uneven work, the first part was very difficult for me to connect with, beautiful images and, as usual, an almost hyperrealistic touch, but I found the the story and characters a bit shallow. Or, to phrase it better, the story and characters felt a bit rushed and just following some overused tropes.