The Lovable Tramp

The Lovable Tramp ★★★★

Definitely the best collaboration between Yamada and Hana, among the movies I’ve seen at least, the movie is funny, sad, and a not so subtle criticism of Japanese family life. While Hana won the Blue Ribbon Award for his performance, I felt the heart of the film is Ichirō Arishima, in the role of the salaryman, who also provides the narration. 
The movie was co-scripted by Yamada and Morisaki Azuma, director of one of the only two non-Yamada Tora-san films, and author of other good films (the powerful The Nuclear Gypsies is a favorite of mine). 
More than in the previous Yamada’s movies, it’s here very clear how Hana and the character he plays, an outsider, rough in its manners, but honest in his heart, foreshadows the birth of Tora-san.
The movie is part of Satō Tadao’s best 300 Japanese films, compiled in 1995.
The best Yamada preTora-san.