Parasite ★★★★★

Move away Spider-Verse, I found another, better movie to obsess over.

This film is seriously f*cking perfect, everything it tries to do it does so flawlessly. On third viewing, it flows by EVEN better and gets better in general as a whole. While on a first viewing I was mostly focused on the overall plot and sequence of events, and on second viewing I paid more attention to the many set-ups and payoffs, on this watch I was just left admiring every single element of the overall craft so much. The direction is incredibly commanding and energetic and ties everything together beautifully, along with breathtaking cinematography and just insane camerawork, making for so many memorable shots. The script is also easily one of the best ever and not only is it incredibly nuanced and well-written overall but there seriously isn’t a single line of dialogue that doesn’t serve a specific purpose, narratively, thematically or character-wise. The production design is immaculate and characterful, the editing is superb, the performances are amazing across the board, and the score is simply unreal, it’s now in my top 10 favorite movie scores of all time, it’s incredibly intense and exhilarating even without the corresponding images and is just so well-composed and full of variety in tones.

This is a film that I’m sure I’ll think about constantly in the future and will continue to gush about for years, possibly decades to come, and I’m so happy it’s getting the attention and recognition it deserves (all three times I watched it in theaters it was sold out and the audience was clearly just loving it the whole way through, laughing at every “joke”, audibly shocked at multiple moments and just completely transfixed from beginning to end). It’s amazing to see a film that feels like it was made specifically for you, and even though I’ll never know what it was like to see something like Pulp Fiction for the first time when it came out, seeing this in theaters is I think the closest I’ll ever get to that feeling.

Anyway, best film of the decade (yes, I’ve officially joined the #hive), it’s definitely in my top 5-10 films of all time and after a couple other rewatches I can see it solidifying itself as my absolute favorite film of all time.

Man I love movies.

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