Lowlife Love ★★★★★

Holly hell...I stumbled upon this film by accident and, in hindsight, I'm so glad I did.

It's really difficult to enjoy this film, simply because the themes presented are so disgusting. If you are a film lover, in any capacity, you will want the events that develop in this film to not be true but, somehow, on the back of your mind, you will think that this is exactly the part of cinema that you hate. This is an extremely cynical analysis of the underbelly independent film industry, the films with no budget, the environment I believe art can flourish...and then this film happens, where the truth comes up, showing us that "everybody in this industry is crafty, filthy and bitter...and annoying"

This is a bleak film with some, very few, glimmers of hope that get shutdown almost immediately. It's definitely worth the watch, but don't expect to enjoy it in the common sense of the word.