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  • Four Lions

    Four Lions


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Now this is smart filmmaking. Effortlessly captured, in on-the-go documentary style camerawork, a small cell of clumsy and dimwitted jihadists stumble their way through a terrorist attack. Brilliantly written, the heavy subject is handled so lightly that we find ourselves rooting for these guys until the weight of the mood swings back around in the end to leave us staring at the screen when the camera fades.

    Three things to watch for... Sim card knowledge, squat jogging and a sniped wookie

  • Byzantium



    Themes include the immortal and unaging problems of the vampire blessing, self inflicted "homocides" and the nuances in flavor between old blood, revenge blood and leukemic blood. Much like Jordan's prior romp "Interview..." it is well shot, interesting enough and really I think this this has the upper hand. Ronan plays the problems of eternal teenage angst well, she is rebellious but wise and reserved in her actions. The mother/daughter dynamic is well conceived and written but I found it…

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  • Cold Mountain

    Cold Mountain


    Gone With The Wind + Far and Away... Minus the epic scale and Rhett Butlerness of the former and the happy ending of the latter... Also, Zellweger sort of crushed it.

  • Snowpiercer



    From the director of The Host (one of my favorite monster movies) This had some great moments - Swinton with dentures, gelatinous protein dinners, and flammable hallucinogenics. Your standard, life affirming, post apocalyptic lower class uprising... an impossible train barreling through a frozen landscape as a metaphor for wealth inequality today.