Spencer ★★★★★

The feminine urge to eat pearls, masturbate (and let everyone know), change with the windows open, and switch outfits twelve times a day.

This is exactly the Diana story you're expecting, but you're not ready for the way it's told. The title card calls it a fable, and that's exactly what it is: a tale born purely and intentionally from speculation. People looking for another version of The Crown will be disappointed, as this is a slightly more grim and monumentally more idiosyncratic descent into the psyche of a mother trapped. Kristen Stewart is unbelievable, a perfect picture of self-destruction. That Oscar WILL be hers. Claire Mathon's mastery of composition is on full display here, and there are some placid, very still shots that feel like portraits of tragedy all on their own. The costumes! I could write a lot more, but I think I need to sit with it. A poetically surreal tragedy.

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