Matt has written 3 reviews for films rated during 2020.

  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy

    A movie about a fat and annoying kid who sucks and then grows up to become a rich asshole by writing a book about how his mom is a loser.

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984

    this fucking movie is about pedro pascal wanting to turn into a rock that grants wishes so he can transform kristen wiig into a jellicle cat. it’s literally worse than the green lantern with Ryan Reynolds and looks like absolute shit. I fuckin HATED this movie

  • Guns Akimbo

    Guns Akimbo

    Why did I watch Guns Akimbo?

    What is Guns Akimbo? What does Akimbo mean? They never explain it in the movie but about 40 mins in everyone starts to refer to Daniel Radcliffe as “the akimbo guy.” Does everybody except me know what Akimbo means?

    This movie is like Crank but everyone besides Jason Statham thinks they’re acting from within a Lele Pons vine. This is Disney Chanel acting. Also I think everyone is Australian and doing an American accent?…