Psycho II ★★★★

For what is perhaps the most unnecessary sequel of all time, this movie is so much better than it has any right being. Richard Franklin, a much better Hitchcock imitator than De Palma or Argento, manages the capture of the spirit of the original, without falling into the trap of copying Hitchcock's masterpiece.

Perkins is back in the role that both made and killed his career and besides a few lines on his face, he hasn't changed at all. Behind his lanky and boyish exterior, you can almost see the insanity trying to drill its way out of his head. The support cast is nothing to scoff at either, Vera Miles returns as Lila Crane (now Loomis) and Dennis Franz is deliciously sleazy as the new owner of the Bates Motel.

A nice mixture of Hitchcock's original and the slasher films of the 80s, Psycho II is a surprising success.