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In honor of this film’s Criterion release, I think I’m gonna go a little more in depth this time. Often times I struggle mightily to relate to characters in films, even in ones I enjoy, but this is no problem with ‘The Worst Person in the World’. Quite honestly it could just be called “Matthew: The Motion Picture”. I have never related to a character more than I’ve related to Julie. From not knowing what she wants to do with her life, to not knowing what she wants out of a relationship, it astonishes me how honest, truthful, and deeply and inherently human her character is. It is however ironic to say that her character is honest and truthful, when she often feels she is living a lie. Especially in the latter half of the movie in her relationship with Eivind, you can tell at certain points she’s trying to convince herself she’s making the right choices when she doesn’t even know what they are. It’s so relatable in all the wrong ways, and that is the absolute beauty of this film. I’ll probably write another review of this once I watch the DVD. But for now let me say this: Toy Story 2 is always my answer when someone asks me what my favorite movie is. But if I weren’t completely blinded by nostalgia, my answer would be this. The Worst Person in the World, or as I will call it, The Best Film in the World.

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