The first good video game movie and I mean that as a compliment. There’s this interesting sci fi conceit that’s interesting just beyond the way that a Bioshock video game is interesting. There are guys on a mission, there’s backstory, there’s character psychology and thrill chapters as the conceit unravels. There’s even video/audio diaries.

Where a Bioshock is about what if libertarianism/Mormonism/revolutionaryism but too much, and a post apocalyptic The Last Of Us plays some the genre elements in a similar art style vein as what you’ll find here... this movie edges out both by being a lightly more sophisticated kind of thought experiment layered over the genre elements. It’s about materialism and as the title suggests, annihilationism. 

For people who believe all we are is matter, there’s no heaven... there’s just stuff and when stuff ultimately disorganizes (death) there’s nothing. Just existing structure and entropy. The movie posits some kind of materialist heaven tho, what if now but too much. What if matter but sentient, what if organization self perpetuates.

It’s fun to look at, the characters are sketched and performed well regardless of the sci-fi and cumulative meaning of the film, but the ultimate pay off was a little bit Indiana Jones 4/Day The Earth Stood Still for me.