• The Marksman

    The Marksman

    kinda like the Old Clint Eastwood picture The Mule, this C-tier attempt has Neeson largely just driving around.

    Idk man

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter is a Paul WS Anderson film. His IMDB uhahh

    i have no idea how it connects to the video game, it's not as good as Battleship or Kong Skull Island or any of the new Godzillas but trashy bare bones fun for what it is.

    Some little stand out bits: silly anime hair, a CGI hunky cat chef, TI is good in this for some reason

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    The most confused film since 2018's FLOWER

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard

    this is a B movie, some good action bits but really really placeholdery, maybe better than Extraction, not as bad as the Michael Bay one, not as good as Bright

    Everyone turning in work for a paycheck and nothing else really

    I love Matthias Schoenaerts, he almost makes it watchable

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story

    Succeeded at hurting my own feelings with this one. Incredible images, just a wonderful film

    Pie scene was the most relatable, painful thing, could have gone on 15 more minutes and included half a bottle of grey goose tbh

  • Hard Eight

    Hard Eight

    This fucked me up

  • Soul


    When you wake up early in the morning
    Feelin' sad like so many of us do
    Hum a little soul, make life your goal
    And surely somethings got to come to you
    And say it's all right
    Say it's all right
    It's all right, have a good time
    'Cause it's all right, whoa, it's all right
    Now everybody clap your hands
    Give yourself a chance
    You got soul and everybody knows
    That it's all right,…

  • Alien


    42 years later and they still got me, i jumped every time

  • News of the World

    News of the World

    the 00s and 10s western is as rare as it is exceptional, while I'm glad News of The World is in theaters and more westerns are badly wanted, against this recent landscape the Greengrass attempt is merely pretty good

    I liked it! A western! Tom Hanks! A great child performance! Bill Camp at the end there!

    If you are the kind mainly looking for Tom Hanks to shoot some black hat perverts, that's 5% of the film and not enough of a reason to see this. Greengrass underplaying gun battles was a surprise. Almost too tasteful.

  • Soul


    the thing here, that everything matters and it all has purpose

    that we might have a kind of deified fire inside for something, something we can't escape doesn't mean that's our destiny or should sour us on our responsibility to the moment

    even when you get what you want, you realize dissatisfaction is more than a rational reality based, Real Metric for welfare

    Go see it

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life

    Wasn't feeling it but it was a me thing, a classic that I'm grateful to have seen whenever I get the opportunity

  • The Santa Clause

    The Santa Clause

    Classic stuff