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  • Becoming Bond

    Becoming Bond


    A fascinating, often unbelievable tale that helps soften Lazenby’s historically prickly persona, but also confirmed my distaste for dramatic reenactments as part of documentary filmmaking. I’d also love to have seen more real footage from his modelling days, en route to playing Bond.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    I’ll happily spend two hours watching anything this series produces—and I didn’t hate PrometheusCovenant is a competently assembled greatest hits of the franchise, The Force Awakens of Alien films, but its third act is the weakest yet.

    The first hour is remixed artfully enough (Milford Sound standing in for “paradise”) that I kept hoping it might break new ground. Fassbender is a marvel, remaining understated and occasionally menacing, even as the film around him proceeds to show too much…

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  • Drive



    The tech writer John Gruber is fond of a Kubrick quote about the truth of a thing being in the feel of it rather than the think of it, a phrase that for me perfectly explains the appeal of Nicolas Winding Refn’s noirish adaptation of the James Sallis novel. Right from the first hotel room scene, through a near wordless 15-minute opening stanza, the foreboding atmosphere of an after-hours, back-streets Los Angeles takes hold. The ambient, minimal score by Cliff…

  • Les Misérables

    Les Misérables


    Golden boy director, hot off earnest 2011 Oscar winner The King’s Speech, cashes in open-slather offer for next project by committing to film universally adored hit musical about love at first sight and the redemptive power of student uprisings.

    Loses drunken bet over which member of the Master and Commander cast will play the pivotal role of Javert, and is forced to cast vocally-challenged Aussie rocker, only to have him murder ‘Stars’ and be thoroughly upstaged by pint-sized unknown Daniel…