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  • YMO: Winter Live '81

    YMO: Winter Live '81


    Aside from an excellent Stairs early on, it's not till near the end that this concert film really picks up in any particular way... ugly visual design and limited camera work that works for the minimal sound of the early tracks but isn't really interesting in itself. Hosono's bass playing is consistently great though and the letterboxd cover is to die for.

  • George Harrison: Living in the Material World

    George Harrison: Living in the Material World


    Finally got around to this in a spur of the moment decision and admittedly pretty disappointed. Scorsese's not really cut out for documentaries, A Personal Journey works so well because his presence is felt constantly as he talks about his own relationship to the movies he's presented; he's not even the interviewer here. The structure is sloppy and as a biographical film it requires more knowledge of the subject than expected, glossing over several years at a time or spending…

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