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  • Grim



    While I do sort-of love this and it is genuinely unsettling with its remarkable sound design and frame-by-frame shooting I cannot help but feel that this is somewhat aimless and lost; that Ito isn't entirely certain on what he wants to do or where. The content he manages to produce is spectacular and his manipulation and distortion of the familiar, logical space, is always well worth watching; I don't believe that this is necessarily the most successful application of it.

  • Fauve



    I have to ask if there's really any point in shooting in widescreen if 60% of your shots are gonna be the uninspired and ugly handheld shots that everybody else uses?
    Are French-Canadian kids ever not annoying?
    I (sort of) kid with that, both actors are incredibly strong in such a minimal story, especially for their age. The crisis itself is actually pretty distressing and I could feel a pit in my stomach but this whole thing just runs too long and then it just ends and I'm left actually wondering just... what the point of all that was supposed to be?

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