Three Businessmen ★★★½

I was actually born in the same small town Alex Cox and I think I almost feel more of a connection to him and his vision of Liverpool than Terence Davies'. Of course this was made in the year I was born and things look different but I was surprised at how much of it I recognise; at least in the Liverpool segments as the TWO businessmen wander around trying to find a place to eat before ending up in Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Tokyo and what looks like a desert in Utah that John Ford might've directed in.
Still, I wonder how much of this is Alex Cox's film, he directs and stars, but it's his wife Tod Davies who produced the work and wrote the excellent script. It's witty, clever, consistently flowing and moving and works so well. Even when there's so little to the film itself and the bulk of it is carried on some very long takes it's hard to feel bored. I'm actually much more interested in Cox as a screen presence than I am a filmmaker, he has such charisma.
It does feel short and at times it's obvious that this is a film, that, this is a story and I'm very much aware of it and I lose my sense of attachment to these characters; though that's through no specific technique or particular fault of Cox and Davies and more of a personal issue.

I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did, it's the first (of three) Cox films I've really liked. Maybe these lower budget affairs are going to be much better ventures than Repo Man and Sid and Nancy.

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