Tenet ★★★★½

“My greatest sin was bringing a son into a world I knew was ending”

3rd viewing.
Still picking up new things. Still thinking up new theories and pondering Nolan’s intentions, particularly with character. I’ve settled on Nolan presenting Washington’s Protagonist through an inverse character arc that will only be revealed with the rest of the story, and I really do think that’s where he’ll go next—or at least very, very soon. 
But really, what I’ve come to appreciate the most, the real mastermind behind this entire operation: not the Protagonist, not Nolan, but one Jacques Berman Webster II—known professionally as Mr. Travis Scott. 


No, but seriously “The Plan” is an excellently composed and arranged piece of psychedelic trap, produced by Ludwig Göransson, who’s helmed some of my favourite soundtracks of the past decade. Like the rest of the score though, “The Plan” has a galloping beat made to feel like you’re taking two steps forward and one step back, or one step forward and two steps back. It’s incredibly innovative, and Travis’ bars are both so him but also so in line with the concepts of the film. It’s clear a lot of time was put into it, which isn’t usually something you find with songs written for cinema, especially big budget cinema.

Still a 9/10

P.S. Would love to write a piece on this, maybe post to Medium. Make my big break for film analysis finally. Also still needing to do one on Joker; would be cool to do for 1-year anniversary.

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