Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★★

So, it’s my dad’s birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Dad?



I’m a sucker for movies with odd pacing and unpredictable plot turns, so I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

It was definitely channeling the pulpy 60s- or 70s-horror vibe, the kind of stuff made before the Hollywood formula had been codified as the “only right way” to pace a film. Reminded me of some other films recently that have a more non-traditional rhythm and a sense of unpredictability—Cold in July, Good Time, Sorry to Bother You, Bad Times at the El Royale, Us, and (of course) Parasite. Movies like this I think get a lot of flack for seeming "unfocused" or "wandering" or whatever, but I love it. I'd pick a "sloppy" movie that's original over one that hits all the right beats perfectly but I feel like I've seen before. (Then, of course, there's Parasite, which is a miracle.)

The most surprising part of the movie was how genuinely moving it was. And not in a forced, melodramatic way. There was just an intangible sensitivity that ran through the film. Between the grime and gristle. Afterwards, I did some research because it just felt grounded in something deeply personal. Which, unsurprisingly, it was. If you’re planning on watching it, I’d wait to read any interviews with the director until after. But, once you hear where the movie came from, it makes sense. Reminds me a lot of Mandy, in that regard. Timpson and Cosmatos seem to share a lot in common, both personally and artistically.

Overall, I have a lot of respect for the film. I think if I was more into this type of 70s pulp/horror, I could have given it 5 stars for sheer enthusiasm and commitment to its concept.

I will say, the dialogue was pretty awkward sometimes. But, I think it was in an attempt to create an unsettlingly surreal tone, so I was down with it. I had a few other issues that took me out of it occasionally, but I think that might have just been some horror-movie-logic tropes I’m not really into.

Hope to see more from Timpson soon.
I have this problem where I hate gore but I also love a lot of weird movies by directors who love gore. So I squint at the screen a lot and pull my earbuds out fairly regularly. Just being honest guys.

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