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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    A revisionist revenge tale about a broken man trying to protect a broken girl. You Were Never Really Here is a masterful visual and aural assault with unexpected turns and slices of dark humour. An anti-Taken.

    PTSD sucks.

  • Premium Rush

    Premium Rush


    This is the Hackers of the 2010s. Except here David Koepp sets out to make bike messengers cool instead of hackers. And fails, hilariously so.

    Just like Hackers, I wallowed in Premium Rush's goofiness. The whooshes, the dialogue-groaners, the 3D map graphics, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cyclist-git spouting jerk-off philosophy and his ability to glimpse into the future - the baby crash prediction the funniest of his predictions.

    Best of all, Michael Shannon goes full Michael Shannon. With his yips, weird guttural noises and eye-popping intensity - Shannon plays a Nic Cage/Looney Tunes-esque villain to Gordon-Levitt's slapable Bugs Bunny.

    Premium Rush is an incredibly-entertaining pedal-plonker.

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  • The Devils

    The Devils


    A searing attack on organised religion. An exercise in art film what-the-fuckery. Or a vision of the future when Donald Trump becomes president and turkey-slaps the world with his Fanta-hued willy. The Devils might be at least two of these things.

    Set in 1634 Loudun, France and inspired by real life events, the story follows a supposedly possessed, Lothario-like priest (Oliver Reed) who wrongs a sexually-frustrated, hunchbacked nun (Vanessa Redgrave). Meanwhile a power-mad cardinal (Christopher Logue) desperately wants to take…

  • Road House

    Road House


    A lifetime ago I worked in security. Sadly I was never taught how to tear a man's throat out, like Patrick Swayze does in this bar-brawling contemporary Western.

    What unfolds is a story about Dalton (Swayze), a bouncer who sets out to clean up a hellish bar, the Double Deuce. But stopping him is a smirking rich asshole (Ben Gazzara) who rules the town with an iron fist and a monster truck. Lunacy prevails. Dalton smashes up louts, steams up…