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  • Lions Love

    Lions Love


    This film is sort of like if Daisies was about 60s hipsters and instead of being deeply feminist it was obsessed with Los Angeles. These shifts make the film significantly less radical and consequently it holds together less. So there are flashes of brilliance mixed in with grating bits and then the dull stuff. I love Varda so this is a nice little detour into where a looser structure leads her, but others are going to struggle to finish the…

  • The Madness of Youth

    The Madness of Youth


    A kind of limp Japanese Rebel without a Cause (minus the James Dean moping) that is infinitely improved by the budding talents of Suzuki pre-insanity. It's equally surprising that a director this talented was making films this low rent and that Nikkatsu didn't recognize his talent from films like this and elevate him sooner to their top tier. But of course we know how it went when they finally did give him a big star. Worth seeing but minor both as a Suzuki film and in Nikkatsu's catalog.

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Just kidding this is a five star review for Moonlight.

  • Ariel



    Absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. It's like someone took Bresson's L'argent, changed almost nothing about it, yet somehow drained it of Catholic guilt and poured in charm and broad humor without making a parody.  Kaurismaki is something special, I think this is the beginning of an etc.