Stalker ★★★★

Wow... Definitely need time to think about this one. It was the type of movie that is an experience more than an entertainment piece. 

The slowness of some parts and dragged out scenes, famed by tarkovsky. Due to this while these slower scenes are going on you are searching for answers yourself contemplating what your experiencing placing yourself in each of the 3 men’s shoes as they journey through the film.  

The movie looks perfect the framing is perfect it’s hard to describe but the plot perfectly matches what’s seen on screen for example it’s a very claustrophobic environment at times dark and dinghy with little detail in many shots making you have to think of the wider picture and what is out with the frame. Kind of like how your strung along slowly as the film reveals its plot. 

Bear in mind this was my first viewing and from what I’ve heard it’s a film of multiple viewings to get its total worth.

I want to love this movie but at the end of it I’m left with more questions than when it started. With the feeling of the plot not being 100% sure of itself but as I said I’ll defo rewatch this at some point and maybe it will gain that extra star.