Us ★★½

An army of clones, or "Tethereds", as they prefer to be called, attack a vacationing family and a large part of southern California. They might attack beyond that, I'm not sure. That isn't the point, I don't think. Or maybe it is. Anyway, there's a bunch of Tethereds. Presumably created by The Red Jumpsuit & Scissors Company as a customer base, these Tethereds emerge from the forgotten subterranean depths of tunnels and subways hidden beneath... the beach? I guess so. Jordan Peele's second film seems to suggest that underneath everyone is a forgotten hallway or classroom, full of rabbits, where an identical copy of yourself is spazzing out in an attempt to mimic your jerking off motions. Which is pretty terrifying, if you think about it! Speaking of Peele, he is way taller in this movie than I remember him being, and quite buff. Good for him.