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  • Suspiria



    I guess I'm a fan of Suspiria now. The colours and the music grabbed me in a way they didn't before and I loved every second of this clumsy silly little story about dance witches. My only theory is that watching a lot of trash in the intervening years has made me more accepting of its quirks.


  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    I don’t understand what’s happening anymore...

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  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World

    Jurassic World represents the worst of modern filmmaking.

    A Spielbergian blockbuster without the Spielberg touch, Jurassic World gets almost everything wrong, while remaining incredibly, boringly formulaic. The result is a dumb popcorn movie less interesting than the titular popcorn we need to consume to keep us occupied. Here's what I took issue with most:

    First, the characters are bland, one-note caricatures who either don't change at all or change entirely.

    Second, the plot consists entirely of set-pieces rather than scenes:…

  • Deep Red

    Deep Red


    This movie is 127 minutes. Suspiria is 98. I think I have 29 reasons why Suspiria is the more well-known and loved film. Also this one is weird as fuck.