Parasite ★★★★★

one thing that is clearly evident when we look at the divide in wealth between people is where their priorities are. the status quo shifts from person to person, showing us that everyday we make decisions based on where we currently are and where we someday hope to be.

in a world where people are encouraged to take, where people are praised and supported when they get what they want despite the means, it can be virtually impossible to just sit back and observe. our priorities and instincts rely on the world that is given to us, and the majority of us continue to fight with it everyday, in order to avoid getting our asses kicked by it.

because of this, our own world can be seen as satyrical, and even lifeless at points. everyday we are bombarded with tragedies that are rooted out of greed and self worth. everyday we hear about what happened to someone at the expense of somebody else. but what do the majority of us do? we continue on with our lives, hoping that things will get better, or at the very least hope that it doesn't happen to us.

we laugh at one's misfortune if everyone else seems to laugh at it. we look onward and despise the people that have things that we think they don't deserve. we live in satire and extremities, placing our own hopeful perspectives on top of it in an attempt to continue the day.

that's how bong joon-ho sees the world at least. the world is nothing but an extreme competition, filled with people who are killing each other and themselves to get to a place that doesn't even exist.

this film is so many things. it’s a social commentary, a satyrical black comedy, an introspective drama, and an extreme thriller. 

but most importantly, it's something that can only be moving if you're willing to be as vulnerable and honest as the people inside of it.

PARASITE is fucking insane. 

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