Aquaman ★★★½

"Permission to come aboard"

Permission granted.

While not best superhero movies of all time, but for DC shake, it's the best movie behind 'Wonder Women'.

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard are both enjoyable and bring a dynamic chemistry into their characters. They honestly carry this movie.

James Wan direction is the strongest part of the movie. The action scenes is thrilling and exciting with the camera sweeping across the actions scenes - never missing a punch, kick, and blast. Wan proves his one of the best filmmakers of all time, not just for horror, but for action as well.

Patrick Wilson plays an interesting villain with a sibling rivalry with Aquaman, but Wilson makes him stand out from being bland. Also, Willem Dafoe riding a shark is something special.

Some of the CGI looked a bit noticeable, especially during the under water scenes with the characters talking or moving about. However, the rest of the movie itself is colorful and brings Atlanteans alive.