Chinatown ★★★★★

Ida Sessions: "Are you alone?"

J.J. Gittes: "Isn't everybody?"

The story to Chinatown is about a private detective, Jake Gittes, hired to investigate an adultery case, stumbles on the plot of a murder involving incest and the privatization of water through state and municipal corruption, land use and real estate. If he doesn't drop the case at once he faces threats of legal action, but he pursues it anyway, slowly uncovering a vast conspiracy.

Some people may not know, but I got a lot of things to do and those things are reviewing 8 Movies, three TV shows, and two video games, so basically that's why I'm a bit behind of the new releases. Then and now I have to take a little break or a day off from doing this because well I can be a bit tried of doing this, but I still have fun reviewing and I'm extremely proud to be talking about the great classics and new releases. Speaking of cult classics, 'Chinatown' was on top of my list to watch next, because I heard nothing but amazing things about this movie and after watching it I can agree that this movie was outstanding.

Jack Nicholson is now known as the single best actor of all time. He's up there with Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino, and in this movie he was magnificent. He played his character so well that I actually didn't fully hate him, because in the movie his character is kind of a A-hole but I didn't hate him, if a different director took the director chair and directed the movie differently then maybe I would have dislike him. Jack Nicholson did probably his 4th best performance that I've seen from him.

The movie is filled with lines that have stuck with me long after the movie was over and I got to give the writers credit for that. The music in this movie has that smooth jazzy beat to it and how it totally fitted the tone of the movie so well. The cinematography was beautiful and just perfection with it's open and normal shots.

For problems: I don't really have any problems to be honest. I didn't find a single thing that I dislike or bothered me. No wonder it's classic.

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