Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★½

“Be still my beating vagina..”

Here We Go Again, folks.

More beautiful scenery and musical numbers. The great ensemble cast returns with a welcome appearance from Cher. The acting from everyone was good. Even the new cast who play the younger versions of the older characters were pretty solid. Especially Lily James who I thought was crazy good.

What took me by surprise is how sad and really tragic it got. I can tell it struck a chord with the audience by emotionally engaging them. The first movie was about becoming an adult and leaving your home. The second movie focus on moving on after a love one passed. I’m glad these films kept that formula. Still, It’s not all doom and gloom.

However, there are issues.

The story jumps from present day with Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and the past with Donna (in 1977), which at times made it confusing when it keeps cutting back and forward. For me, it wasn't well executed.

There’s a scene where it tries to be heartbreaking with Pierce Brosnan looking through old photographs of Donna while singing solo. No musical number or anything, just briefly singing. What was intended to be an emotional scene, instead made me cringe in my seat. He’s singing is the reason why. I will give credit for trying in terms of acting.

Of course the cast got much older since 10 years and it shows. They tried to make a joke about it, and it's painfully unfunny. The audience didn't laugh, neither did I. Time has been most cruel to them.

Despites those complaints and praise, it holds no weight to anything. After awhile you soon realize the filmmakers never set out to make a masterpiece or thinking piece. While yes, some of the cast are not best singers (mostly the males) or dancers, but the only thing you have to say is “who cares”. This is pure entertainment with heart. Elevating on enjoyment and most importantly having a good time. While not quite uplifting and lacking some of the energy from the first, but hey. The audience though - Uniting the gays and middle aged mum type of crowd since 2008.

Overall rating: Take a chance on this one!

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