Shame ★★★★★

Back in 2011 I heard this movie was getting great reviews and Chris Stuckmann said "the movie was more fun watching the movie with a old man", So I said the heck with it so I watched the movie and I got to say I loved this movie, 2011 was the year for Michael Fassbender because he was brilliant in X-men first class and this movie. the story is about Michael Fassbender character who lives in new York with his sister and he as one thing that is wrong with him and that is sex addiction, he has sex with women every night but one day on the train station he sawed the most beautiful women in the world and he can not stop thinking about her and hes sex addiction start to die off. this movie is just brilliant just a well made movie and I hate myself for not watching this movie back in 2011 but oh well.

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