Starred Up

Starred Up ★★★★

Prison is tough but Starred Up shows us how tough and brutal prison really is and why you shouldn't go there, I mean why would you?

The story is about a troubled and explosively violent teenager is transferred to adult prison where he finally meets his match - a man who also happens to be his father.

I sawed Starred Up about two months ago now and more I think about it and analyzed the movie deep into it's bone to get my thoughts together. Because I didn't know what to think of it at the first time watch. There was no good or bad came to my head first time seeing it so this is why pretty much I waited months to think through, because I not going to review this film and not know what to say. But now I can safely and happily say that this movie is a shot by shot real like look at prison, and Starred Up got it right and this is a good movie.

Jack O'Connell so far in his career has won me over has a actor himself from his excellent performance in the Angelina Jolie film Unbroken. In this he delivered such a hard hitting performance that worked so extremely well with his character in the film. You can see the boiling violence in his character has it quickly starts to build up and it doesn't really take long for him to snap and go full psycho on people, and Jack O'Connell put so much into his performance for now I respect has a full movie actor.

The movie is directed really good as well, keeping your interest till the end of the film.

For issues I have some: The supporting character in the film are great, but they was a couple of weak spots with the other character's not being interesting at all and not really doing anything with the story.

Is this film re-watchable? no not really. It's one of those films that you think to yourself "Wow that was pretty damn good, but I never want to watch it again", yeah it's those kind of films. You may disagree with me and you may have watched the movie a couple of times now, but for me it's not very re-watchable. If you disagree with me on that then that's fine, it really is.

Overall Starred Up is a gritty, hash, tough movie with great acting and a good story about father and son in prison. That may sound not good at all with the father and son thing in prison, but watch the film and judge for yourself.

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