Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

Hey DC, are you trying to f**k this up on purpose? Seriously! What the hell is going on over there. "Suicide Squad" was your chance to redeem yourself from the last critical failures. This movie should have been the one that saved DC and get it back on it's feet, but I guess not. I wanted this to be good or at least surprise me. There are some pros and plenty of cons in this. So lets kick it off.

Will Smith and Viola Davis are easily the best parts of this movie. Smith brings the humanity to his character and Davis brings the fear. Will Smith is the only character in this group that has any characterization as we get to know more about his past. Will Smith is basically playing Will Smith, but he was still good as the character. To be honest, I thought Voila Davis was more of a real threat then the actual threat itself.

Margot Robbie was pretty good as Harley Quinn, but wasn't the show stealer as I thought she would be. She did a great job capturing the character and there was little peaks of humility as well. Her accent dose keep changing in a few scenes, but I can easily look pass that.

I was one of those people who was against Jared Leto new look as the Joker. I know he's trying a different take on the character, but with all the stupid tattoo's all over him with the word 'damaged' on his forehead and the gangster grill teeth just wasn't the Joker. But I give Leto this, it's a bold move to take on the character after Ledger's unforgettable performance. I was being a bit too harsh at the time and Leto is a very method actor, so what's there's nothing to complain with the casting (besides the new look). After seeing the movie, Leto doesn't do a bad job as the Joker. He doesn't have that much screen time and every time he's on it screen, he kinda chews up the scenery. He was enjoyable to watch and I will make a full judgment when we have a movie where he has more screen time. Coming to think of it, The Joker should have been the main villain of the movie and not Enchantress (I'll get to her in a minute). Oh and I can't be the only one who thinks he looks like some manic you'll see in a Purge movie.

Cara Delevingne not only gives the worst performance in the movie, but also the most laughable one as well. I mean, what is up with that hip moves and twirling her arms around? It's like the director gave up. Enchantress is right up there with Dr. Doom from "Fant4stic" as the worst villain in comic book movie. Enchantress is the basic villain who wants to shoot a giant blue lazier in the sky to destroy the world. Oh and please stop it with the blue lazier thing, it's in every comic book movie now and it's so stupid.

Here's my question: Why would you sent these crazy and dangerous people on a mission to stop Enchantress. Yeah I really hope that doesn't back fire at all. I mean sure, send a guy who calls himself Captain Boomerang who's an insane person that throws boomerangs that never comes back to him to save us from giant portals from other worlds. Is it because they are expendable? It would have made a lot more sense if Wonder Women or The Flash or just anyone with god like powers to go on this mission. This really is a suicide mission.

The rest of the Squad members were pretty forgettable and just didn't do anything. Katana was just kinda there. Slipknot is in it for a few minutes. Killer Croc just stands around going "mmmm" or "yeah", they didn't do anything with that character.

The third act was this gigantic action scene that takes place in the city and the scene itself was just a mess. It was so muddled together and the editing was so poor that it sadly did remind me of "Fant4stic" climax.

Some of the music choices didn't really fit well during a couple of scenes. It felt out of place and was only thrown at the last minute to make it a little light at heart. This is because of the heavy criticism for "Batman V Superman" for being too dark.

I think DC biggest problem is that they are literally rushing the movies out just to catch up with Marvel. Take your time DC. But of course, many will be angry that I said that and will go to terrifying lengths to defend it. Fan boys seem to choose to deny any flaws from these movies and praise it for it's non-existing efforts. I'm not a DC hater. I'm not a Marvel fan boy. I only want a freaking good movie, is that hard to ask for. Just because it tried something new doesn't always mean it will bring great results. Everyone has an opinion, that's a no-brainier. Agree or disagree, just please don't act like a cry baby when some has a different opinion to you.

Overall rating: "Suicide Squad" was a huge disappointment in a lackluster year for summer movies. The more I think about this, the more I hate it.

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