Drive ★★★★

"Any dreams you have, or plans for your future...
Think you're gonna have to put that on hold."

Was 5.0, now 4.0.

I used to adore this movie. I even considered it a personal favourite. However, in the time since I last saw it, I've also seen The Driver, Thief, and Baby Driver. And having just re-watched Drive, I kept think during it: "The Driver is better. Thief is better. Baby Driver is better." And so on.

Don't get me wrong, Drive is a pretty great film: from Nicolas Winding Refn's superb direction, to Newton Thomas Sigel's dazzling cinematography, you can't argue that it's lacking in technical merits. But as for any emotional connection with the main characters, I only felt that intermittently. A shame, since the rest of the movie is so good.

New NWR ranking:
The Neon Demon > Drive >>> Only God Forgives

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