Blue Caprice ★★★★

It took two viewings to truly appreciate, but Blue Caprice is a stoic, sometimes silent look into the mind of an increasingly desperate mad man. Based on the events surrounding the Beltway Sniper killings a little over a decade ago, we watch as ex-military John Muhammad descends into an inescapable hole of paranoia and madness. With him is a teenage accomplice, the (not legally) adopted orphan John Malvo, who through ritualistic military training and indoctrination becomes as bitter and violent as his adopted father.

The two travel across the country to several locations through Muhammad's friendships and former military associations, with each stop throwing the duo further into the darkness, until Muhammad eventually begins to inspire Malvo to commit murder on his behalf. The movie hits high-gear with the murder of Muhammad's ex-wife with whom he had a restraining order, and proceeding through the next several weeks of terrifying violence from rifle shots out of the back of the now infamous Blue Caprice.

If you remember the terror set upon the greater D.C. and Northern Virginia area in 2002 or even if you don't, Blue Caprice is a chilling -- if sometimes distant -- portrayal of true crime and domestic terrorism in the modern age.

Four stars.