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  • Say Anything...

    Say Anything...


    Yet another film where the protagonist is not really the central character of the story. The iconic scene comes and goes with nary a comment, and ultimately doesn’t really do much for the story itself.

  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas


    Similar to other films I’ve seen this year like the Fountain the different stories in this film don’t quite hang together well enough to feel like it’s worth having them all there. The structure of the book is so important to the revelations of each story that presenting them in a different order here has robbed it of some of the power.

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  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    I think I have to respect the film-making talent on display here as much as I didn’t enjoy the watch of this film. There are some beautiful shots that hold the sequence for so long, and allow the actors to do some really interesting, and difficult, things on screen. The slowly unfolding story and relationships is well done, but the pacing was just too slow for me to really enjoy it.

  • The Host

    The Host


    I’ve meant to watch this Korean action horror for a long time, and finally got it on the list. This is exactly how I want creature features to go – not showing me the government / army type responses, but real people in the situation. It was done very well and a good lark.