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  • Rashomon



    The Criterion Challenge (2021) - 27 of 52 (#30 Black and white)

    A movie that tells four different versions of how a man died in the forest. The movie starts out very slowly and it takes some time for the first version of the story to start. As one of the characters there appropriately mentions, he would prefer to listen to the rain. The bandit, the wife of the deceased, the deceased himself speaking through a medium or an observer,…

  • The Quick and the Dead

    The Quick and the Dead


    Wild West Summer (2021) - 10 of 25 (#8 Watch a Western with a strong female character)

    A revenge story with a shooting contest that lasts the entire movie. So there are enough shootouts as part of the competition. Also some very interesting and stylish images, like a shadow with a hole in the chest. And a really impressive cast.

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  • Sisters



    The Criterion Challenge (2021) - 20 of 52 (#4 Horror)
    The Podcast Macabre 2021 Horror Challenge - 20 of 52 (#27 From the 1970s)

    A reporter observes a murder in an apartment across the street. If this sounds familiar to you, other twists and actions shouldn't surprise you too much, as a lot is reminiscent of Hitchcock. You just can't avoid mentioning the stunning split screen scenes. It's hard to believe that split screens are used so rarely when they can be so effective. Also fascinating to get through the eye into someone's head and then see a kind of nightmare in black and white.

  • Zombie 3

    Zombie 3


    Hooptober Se7en (2020) - 18 of 33 (2nd film of franchise)
    Horrorx52 (2020) - 36 of 52 (#19 A film distributed by 88 FILMS)

    A partly ridiculous and silly, but also quite entertaining and funny zombie movie with an entertaining synth score. Almost everywhere where there are zombies there is a lot of smoke and green light, which doesn't make any sense, but looks good. Zombie birds, a flying zombie head, explosions and an exploding head, there is enough to have fun.