Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

With this and "The Gentlemen", it's nice to see Guy Ritchie go back to his roots, namely gritty crime thrillers. It also reunites him with Jason Statham and they still work really well together.
The story follows the mysterious H who starts working at a cash truck company to find the men responsible for killing his son. It's basically a revenge thriller mixed with a heist film and it's a combination that works really well. It still has all the trappings of a Guy Ritchie film however. It's stylishly shot, you can feel his hand in the dialogue and it's an engrossing watch overall.
I was a bit worried at the start of this film. There's some really iffy dialogue in the first act and some of the actors were really struggling with it but luckily, it recovers from that really quickly and the rest of the film is really good. The story goes to a few dark places and the action is really well done, especially the final action set piece.
Statham is good in the lead and proves once again just how good of an action star he can be. The rest of the cast is filled with decent to good performances from character actors like Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan and Andy Garcia. Special mention for Scott Eastwood who I taught was pretty good here as one of the villains of the piece.
In the end, Wrath of Man is a good piece of crime cinema. Despite a shaky start, the film is a fun, thrilling action thriller with some good performances, stylish direction and fun action scenes.

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