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  • Casshern



    A fairly ordinary anime plot wrapped in stunning concept art and worldbuilding wrapped in colours, lighting, editing and visual effects that defy common sense to such an extent that one cannot but stare in awe and just keep staring.

  • Red Cliff Part II

    Red Cliff Part II


    The most amazing battle scenes since LotR/The Return of the King.

  • Underwater



    Pacific Rim: The Beginning

  • Vatel



    And the moral of the story is: if you are thinking about taking your life, wait at least thirty minutes before actually committing suicide, just to be on the safe side.

  • Absent Minded

    Absent Minded


    Roberto Catani might be one of the most underappreciated animators working today.

    Watch it here:

  • Children of the Sea

    Children of the Sea


    Bold, ambitious and superbly crafted. Suspended somewhere between (or somewhere beyond?) The Tree of Life and The End of Evangelion, it features some of the most astonishing sequences in recent animated cinema. Probably drags a bit in the first half, but wins you over in the second half.

  • Promare



    Psychedelic colors, superb animation and fighting mechas. What more could you possibly want from your quarantine?

  • Dolittle



    Non-humans crippled by devastating grief and filial anxieties are just adorable.

  • The Boxer's Omen

    The Boxer's Omen


    This is Shaw Brothers' The Holy Mountain.

  • Ring Around the Mulberry Bush

    Ring Around the Mulberry Bush


  • Storm Hits Jacket

    Storm Hits Jacket


    Silly, deranged and weirdly funny.

    You can watch it here: