Inherent Vice ★★★★

It's hard to describe Inherent Vice without making people think it sounds like a tonne of shit. For the majority of the running time I was completely in step with the film, laughing at every visual gag and cheeky line like I was stoned along with Doc. However sometimes I fell completely out of step and felt like the sober guy at a party, mainly when I couldn't tell what the fuck was going on with the plot. But after coming out of the screen I realised you're not supposed to know what's going on, it's supposed to confuse the hell out of you, maybe to simulate Doc's intoxicated mind that is juggling all these interconnected little trinkets whilst trying to stay a healthy level of stoned. In a nutshell, I can see why some people have walked out of Inherent Vice (including my girlfriend who was with me), but if they gave it a chance I reckon they'd want to watch it again once they knew what to expect. Inherent Vice.