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  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent


    I don't think I can really put into words how important what Vincent Van Gogh has come to symbolise for me in my life is. So please, if you have 5 minutes, just listen to James Blake's cover of Vincent by Don McLean, and head over to check out my older brother Nathan's profile here. His life mirrored Van Gogh's in more ways than I can describe. He took his life on Valentine's day this year, and it would mean a lot if anyone took the time to see how amazing his film taste was.

  • Wolfwalkers



    I've never been one to get emotional looking at art to be honest, but this film genuinely had me welling up in parts just because of how heavenly it is to look at. I think maybe Loving Vincent is the only other film I can compare it to as far as how gobsmackingly beautiful it is. The music too! Man oh man, the music is so good. Absolute treat of a film, I'd highly recommend it to anyone!

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  • Nomadland



    Loss is universal. It pervades and infects and yet if you're fortunate enough to gain some perspective, it also enriches. It's an opportunity to be reminded of the fragility of life; the idea that circumstances and people that are seemingly inevitable, can be swept away as fleetingly as the wind. Experiencing loss will concuss you, disorientate you, and most likely leave you stranded, a nomad in the wild. However, after a time, when you heal, you can begin to see…

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    r/Letterboxd Film Club 030 // Dark Comedies

    A man sits on a bench, overlooking a children's playground. His arms are crossed, his right hand quivering involuntarily as his thoughts stray from the joy of children at play, to the loaded revolver in his pocket. He feels regret, then guilt and then finally, shame. Before shame prevails, however, hope shows its face in the form of a friend, wielding his own loaded gun and with it his own shame. The two…

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