Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★

Cases like this always make picking a rating problematic, in that some aspects are deserving of five stars, and others just one or two. Thinking purely about spectacle, it manages to give a resolution befitting of the pinnacle of the MCU. Spectacle, in a lot of ways, is what the MCU almost solely strives for. It's all about crowdfare and excitement, but in its undeniable excellence in that regard, it sprouts all manner of problems on a storytelling and filmmaking basis. I'd go into that more, but I think I'd rather emphasise what a blast it was, and how much 12 year old me loved it! Not the best MCU blockbusting popcorn flick, but it definitely landed the arc of the last 11 years in a place that felt in-keeping with what came before, and got me giddy with excitement a bunch of times!

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