Harakiri ★★★★★

The Alphabet Club Week 8 - H:

Utterly masterful storytelling. Harakiri demonstrates how to perfectly build investment in character and story, by taking it's time to build towards revelations in the narrative, utilising tension and suspense flawlessly. The dynamics fluctuate between extremes without ever veering from the track it sets itself on, resulting in a build-up of intrigue serving captivating set-pieces.

Usually, I'm a bit of a bone-headed millennial when it comes to both classics, and foreign language films. But given that this is both of those things, and I was completely gripped from start to finish, that probably speaks to how good it is. At some times exciting, at others solemn. At some times warming, at other times painfully uncomfortable. I couldn't find fault with it if I tried, nor could I find a better way to cap off another 100 films added to Letterboxd.

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