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  • Three Colors: Blue
  • My Neighbor Totoro
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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring

    I took a class in my undergrad on Ozu, and as I rewatch some of these movies, I realize that I was not the right age to watch Ozu at the time. Too young (maybe too dumb?) or at least it just wasn't the right time in my life for them, as they are all hitting much better, richer, and more complex, now, I think.

    Also, Ozu's funny! I feel like people point to the fart jokes in Good Morning

  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story

    First time watching it since my university days. I realized recently that I am entering my midlife soon, or have already. Watching Tokyo Story again made me think about, wrestle with that realization some more, about my relationship with my parents, about my relationship with my kids (my son was in my arms for half the movie, fast asleep), that feeling of regret that creeps into life sometimes but also that feeling of gratitude. A rich movie, with lots of avenues of meaning to wander down while watching it.

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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    I am very glad we live in a world that Wes Anderson gets to make his movies. While upon first impression, this is probably on the lower end of his work, in my opinion, it is still so unlike anything else out there, with each frame bursting with creativity, wit, and detail, that I enjoyed watching it. It is really interesting to see how much his animation work has influenced his later live action work, and more and more he…

  • Tenet


    Still complete nonsense, but I was more on board with this viewing. I kinda wish there was no dialogue whatsoever, and it was just a very expensive, 75-minute, experimental backwards movie about the vicious cycle of military violence (or something, I don't know). Anyways, it was more fun this time and I wasn't as distracted by the hilarious script and more in awe of Hoyte's images, which are really, really cool.