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  • What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?
  • The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque
  • A Hidden Life
  • Happy as Lazzaro

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  • Stolen Kisses

  • The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque

  • Shadow of a Doubt

  • She Runs

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  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    The whole thing was great, but it's the last section that really takes this thing to another level. I loved it and am excited to explore more of Hamaguchi's work.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    I am very glad we live in a world that Wes Anderson gets to make his movies. While upon first impression, this is probably on the lower end of his work, in my opinion, it is still so unlike anything else out there, with each frame bursting with creativity, wit, and detail, that I enjoyed watching it. It is really interesting to see how much his animation work has influenced his later live action work, and more and more he…