Psycho ★★★★

Yeah that's right, I hadn't seen "Psycho" up to this point, relax about it.

Now I know that when a movie has been out for 60 years, especially when that movie is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time and a monolith of the industry, it's futile to avoid spoilers. It's just a shame because I couldn't help but thinking the entire time I was watching it that I would have enjoyed this film significantly more if I didn't already know everything that was going to happen.

Seriously, I have been hit over the head by each of the "major" moment in this film for years now (the shower scene/the detective on the stairs/the twist reveal at the end), be it in video essays or homages or parodies. It just kind of sucks because I know for a fact that those moments would have hit me HARD if I didn't know they were coming the entire time, and that genuinely did impact my enjoyment of the film. It's no one's fault really, except possibly mine for waiting so long to see it.

That being said, there is no denying that this is a remarkable piece of cinema that influenced how horrors/thrillers/films in general would be presented throughout the 20th century. The score itself is so iconic it basically invented what we consider today to be scary or suspenseful music in film. The acting was actually surprisingly good considering how common it was for campy over-acting in that time period, the cinematography was innovative and captivating, the editing was crucial to the story telling.

I loved it, but because of what I mentioned above (and possibly because of high expectations), it didn't impact me as much as other Hitchcock films like Vertigo or North by Northwest. I wish I'd been able to enjoy it more!