Widows ★★★½

Have wanted to catch up with this for literally the last year and a half, and I'm very glad I finally did! What a weird movie, though captivating from beginning to end. McQueen is almost TOO good at the more disturbing/intense scenes—you want to look away and yet can't—and then the more popcorn-y sequences almost feel a bit out of place. It's incredibly well-made throughout, though, and every performance is somewhere between very good and incredible. (MVPs: Debicki and Kaluuya)

Then it ended, and I found myself wondering if there was enough meat on this bone for it to stick with me beyond the surface-level pleasures. I'm still not 100% sure, but you could do worse than two hours of a great director and cast doing their jobs exceptionally well. Steve McQueen got to make a $42 million heist movie, and do it his way, and nobody can take that away from him. (Though nobody is likely to let him do it again.)