Matthew Leung

Matthew Leung

USC School of Cinematic Arts, Class of 2017

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  • Nomadland



    A movie that milks documentary-realism for sentimentality 

    Its strongest moments are when the nomads, who are played by real-life versions of themselves, tell us the painful stories in their lives. However, these stories are only touched on superficially, exploited for sentimental points. 

    A loose story structure carries the film, but nothing revealing amounts.

  • Faces



    shreds the screen with a sense of visual rawness and frenetic editing; bombastic performances

    reminds me of Antonioni's high-society characters, psychologically trapped in their own bourgeois cocoon

    needs a rewatch to understand the content better

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  • Daughter of the Nile

    Daughter of the Nile


    The writing in this makes me jealous -- it flows like life and makes it seem like nothing's happening as you're watching the film, but then everything adds up in the end, tying together all of the inconspicuous moments and threads from earlier and connecting the dots the way we do when we look back on our lives.

    This magnificent script by Chu Tien Wen is realized with the usual assurance and acute observational touch by Hou. It's pure cinematic…

  • Parasite



    all-out, artfully conceived, constructed and executed indictment on capitalism

    who, or what, are poor people but parasites of the rich? The film represents this power dynamic viscerally in the sense of smell -- rich people can smell poor people, apparently -- which ultimately renders the poor subhuman.

    what I've always been jealous of and amazed by in talented directors like Bong is the ability to blend and balance two completely different tones in a single film. In this case, the…